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Registration of European trademarks

The significance of registering european trademarks and the role of Nomenius agency

In the domain of intellectual property protection, securing trademarks is pivotal for businesses aiming to establish their brand presence and safeguard their assets. Particularly, European trademarks, previously known as Community trademarks, play a crucial role in offering comprehensive protection across the European Union (EU). This article delves into the significance of registering European trademarks, elucidating the benefits, procedures, and implications involved, while also spotlighting the contributions of Nomenius Agency in facilitating trademark registrations and offering legal counsel in intellectual property matters.

European trademarks: Ensuring Pan-European protection

European trademarks, abbreviated as EUTM and formerly recognized as Community trademarks until 2016, confer similar effects as national trademarks but with an extended scope covering the entire territory of the European Union. To obtain registration for a trademark within the EU, a single application must be lodged with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), headquartered in Alicante, Spain. The digital submission of an application to the EUIPO incurs costs starting from 850 euros for the first class under the Nice Classification System (NISA), with additional fees for subsequent classes.

Upon successful registration, a European trademark enjoys a protection period of 10 years, renewable indefinitely. The rights conferred by a European trademark grant the holder exclusive prerogatives to prohibit third parties from commercial use of identical or similar signs for goods or services that may lead to confusion or exploit the reputation and distinctiveness of the mark.

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Advantages of european trademark registration

Registering a European trademark offers a streamlined process and cost-effective advantages:

  1. Single Application: A single application covers the entire EU market comprising 27 member states, with over 350 million potential consumers/users of the products or services under the trademark.
  2. No Prior National Registration Required: Unlike some national trademark systems, European trademark registration does not mandate prior registration in the applicant’s home country.
  3. Uniform Effects: The registration of a European trademark yields uniform effects across all EU member states.
  4. Cross-Border Validity: The use of a European trademark in one EU country validates its authenticity throughout the Union.
  5. Flexibility in Case of Refusal: In case of refusal in one or more EU states, a European trademark application can be transformed into a national trademark application in other states where no grounds for refusal exist.

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Nomenius agency: facilitating trademark registrations and legal counsel

Established in 2006 as part of Grecu & Associates Law Firm, Nomenius Agency is authorized by the National Chamber of Industrial Property Counsellors of Romania. Over the years, Nomenius has facilitated the registration of over 2000 trademarks, operating at national, European, and international levels through its team of legal experts specialized in intellectual property law. The agency provides tailored legal consultancy services for trademark registrations with the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM), EUIPO, and WIPO, while also representing clients in litigation matters.

Who can benefit from Nomenius services?

Nomenius extends its services to both individuals and legal entities seeking intellectual property protection. Collaborating closely with each client, Nomenius crafts a comprehensive trademark protection strategy tailored to unlock opportunities in the Romanian, European, and global markets.

Why choose Nomenius services?

Clients entrust Nomenius for its efficiency, transparency, and effective communication. With experienced legal professionals adept at navigating trademark registration procedures and resolving potential conflicts, Nomenius stands as a reliable partner in safeguarding clients’ intellectual property assets and fostering brand growth and resilience in competitive markets.

In conclusion, the registration of European trademarks not only ensures comprehensive brand protection but also opens avenues for market expansion and growth. With Nomenius Agency’s expertise in intellectual property law and trademark registration, businesses can navigate the intricacies of trademark protection with confidence, securing their brand legacy in the ever-evolving global landscape.

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